It really does not matter whether you have sold your home five times or you are going to be selling your very first one, there are just things that you have to know prior to getting your home or any real property listed for sale. Nowadays, there are a lot of sellers who do think that home selling is a very easy process and does not take any preparation at all. In most cases, however, this is definitely untrue.

It takes a lot of stress, anxiety and inconvenience in selling a home. These negative feelings, however, can be minimized if adequate preparation is taken into consideration. Below are the top 3 things you need to know before getting ready to sell your house.

The Importance of Hiring A Great Realtor

This is definitely one of the most taken for granted steps in selling any real property. Yes, you’ve read it right. You should be a hiring a real estate agent to facilitate in the easy documentation and sale of your real estate property. But the big question is, how do you get a great realtor? It’s by interviewing several candidates about their performance history with the field. By that, you will be able to determine who will give you the better chance in speeding up the selling process.

One Great Idea Is A Pre-Listing Inspection

Prior to making your home available for sale in the market, it can be a smart thought to have an expert home inspector to do an inspection on your home. It’s favored that the inspector you contract to perform the inspection is an individual from NIBI (National Institute of Building Inspectors) or ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors).

Evaluation Whether To Do Open Houses Are Or Not

This is an exceptionally a controversial issue in the industry of real estate. Some real estate specialists will swear that open houses are justified and worth it, despite all the trouble while others will swear they are a total waste of time, effort and money. Eventually, the final choice whether they are justified, despite all the troubles or not, will be coming from you, the homeowner.



In this day in age, the rental market has highly become competitive, that is why property managers are looking for ways to keep units fresh and modern-looking to entice prospective leaseholders. When you ask any property manager, they will say that the most significant step in successfully operating investment properties is to ensure that the properties are structurally sound.

And, in order for a landlord’s properties to be “rent ready,” these properties must also be well-maintained and clean on the surface. After inspecting and closing on the purchases, owner should prepare these properties by having the 11 steps below followed.

1. Have Everything Properly Documented

Make sure to have all renovations as well as completely documented, whether by owners themselves or its outside contractors. Time and money documentations will give proof to investors to have security deposits for tenant damages withheld. In addition to that, a “make ready checklist” should be compiled by these investment property owners to have their businesses keep organized when preparing properties to be rented.

2. Have the Locks changed

One important thing to consider here is the future tenant’s safety. Purchaser of the property is unaware of the former tenant’s criminal records. That’s why, before advertising the properties’ availability for renting, have all exterior locks switched out and set new garage door passwords. Consider everything that has to be changed.

3. Have the Vents Cleaned

Rid the units of those unnecessary build-up of grime on HVAC ducts and filters, as dirt tend to block the proper air flow. Air filters are cost-efficient, however, when it comes to sanitation, disposable filters are recommended. Moreover, it doesn’t require high maintenance over time.

4. Have Broken Hardware Fixed

Have any broken knobs, pulls and handles in the bathrooms and kitchens of any outdated units fixed. Broken or improperly fastened fixtures do not serve any purpose at all, and they make a unit look unkempt which might possibly discourage renters looking for new apartments. Have broken light switch plates fixed and assure that corresponding ceiling bulbs and lamps work just correctly. Consider switching to bulbs that are energy-efficient; they last long and lower your bills as well.

5. Have Appliances Examined

Make it to a point that dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and stoves are in working order. Have the temperatures on freezers and refrigerators monitored. Moreover, test ceiling fans and clean dust and debris from blades before showings.

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In selling investment properties, such as houses, believe me, first impressions do last. It is something that is a hit or a miss. If you hit it, then good for you. If you miss it, the problem is most probably coming from your end. That is why, as a seller, you have to do the things those successful home sellers have done and have been doing all these years.

Below are 5 useful tips home prior to conducting a public open house.

Tip Number 1. De-cluttering is everything

One thing that buyers look when they search for houses or any real estate property is its features. Thus, if the house you are selling has too many furniture, whether they’re still functional, your buyer might not be able to figure out the real features or the beauty of such house or residential property. Begin de-cluttering to avoid clients being disappointed.

Tip Number 2. Remove Your Personal Items

It is to be recalled that you are giving up the ownership to the people who will going purchase it. Therefore, leaving personal items is not advisable for you as a seller. At the same time, buyers do like to visualize something as if it’s their own, right? That’s why, as much as possible, make the property you are selling as light and as clear as possible.

Tip 3. Spread The Event As Much As Possible

As you plan to conduct an open house, you have to make sure that the event that you are going to conduct is listed on major real estate portals, Craigslist and in multiple listing services. Utilize the power of flyers to spreading the event that’s going to happen. Also, do not forget the power that social media, such as Facebook. Instagram and Twitter provide. By publicly sharing the event, you get to maximize your presence with less costs.

Tip 4. Provide Exact Information and Be Unique

As a seller, it is imperative that you are able to provide the correct information for your potential clients. Moreover, include brochures and flyers with clear photos of the house you are selling, comparable and comprehensive home sale information as well as school and community information in general. Remember, this is just one of the many houses that they will going to walk through. Better be unforgettable. You do not want your homebuyers leaving your properties empty-handed, do you?

Tip 5. Value Client Feedback

One of the things that’s vital to all home sellers is hearing feedback with regards to prices and features from its clients. If most of them think that your property is overpriced, it maybe is. How do you do that? You just have to curate the contact information from these people and let your agent contact them regarding their thoughts with the property.