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Premiere Capital Mortgage (PCM) is the Key to Your Next Dream Home. John Lawrence, CEO and a Licensed Broker brings over his 20 years of vast experience in the Real Estate industry to Premiere Capital Mortgage. Over the years, he has acquired all the necessary skills that he needed to create the best plan in realizing your dream, which is getting you into the doorstep of your new home. He firmly believes that taking time in finding out what you do need exactly is the very key to a successful relationship. His solid background in engineering allows him to be an analytical thinker, thus, giving you a competitive edge in today’s lending environment. His primarily goal is to help you and provide you with the right tools which are essential to creating an informed and wise decision. After all, buying a home is one of the most expensive decisions you will make in your lifetime, and PCM is your path towards your dream house. One if the very reasons on as to why John Lawrence and his staff are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Experience utmost and reliable service with the leaders of the industry.

Premiere Capital Mortgage is a group of innovative thinkers with a huge list of lenders to get you approved in no time! You don’t have to experience the long drawn process. 

We get referrals all the time for situations where other brokers or lenders are unable to find financing. Determination and unwillingness to take “No” for an answer is part of what makes us successful.

For more information, give us a call at (951)789-2252 or fill out an online contact form. Let us help you find a home for all of your tomorrows, today.




John Lawrence

Broker, BRE #01864769  NMLS # 366413

John Lawrence brings over 20 years of experience with him to Premiere Capital Mortgage (PCM). As Broker and CEO, the knowledge John has gathered over the years has given him extensive skills in creating the right environment for success . . . both for Clients and Professional partners. His background in engineering has molded him into an analytic and strategic thinker . . . and the team at Premiere Capital Mortgage is thankful for this. The culture that John breeds here at PCM is that of finding solutions, overcoming challenges and always seeking new opportunities to make deals happen. If you’re looking for a place to call ‘home’ for your Lending & Real Estate career, let’s talk.


Snr. Loan Executive, NMLS#289913, BRE#01506005

I first began originating mortgage loans back in 1997 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I still remember driving for 3 hrs from there to a small rural town named Sulphur, Oklahoma one night just to pick up an updated paystub from a Client so their $13,000 mortgage loan could fund the next day. Not much has changed in my resolve or my determination to make deals happen. Homeownership is a privilege but there are many enemies to it.  Bad credit habits, past mistakes, fear of commitment, myths & misinterpretations and more recently, seemingly oppressive and restrictive Underwriting guidelines handed down from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, VA and USDA. In the war against a rent-doomed life, I continue to shine as a beacon of light. Hundreds of grateful Clients say so.  My vast experience in correctly understanding and implementing Lending guidelines has earned me a reputation for being a “no-nonsense” Lender. A homebuyer’s ally that wrestles Underwriters to the n’th degree, and excels at arguing the merits of each file, often championing a Loan Approval against all odds. And so I find myself never wanting for referral business because hard work, integrity and skill are the birthing places for repeat clients and referral business. Take a few minutes to watch the testimonials on this Blog from Real Estate Agents whom I work with closely. My advise to Homebuyers: “Don’t believe everything you hear. If the door of Homeownership gets slammed in your face, try to crawl under it, go around it, or knock the whole door down. “ Call me so I can show you how . . I  originate FHA, VA, USDA & Conventional Loans across all of California. Why haven’t we spoken yet? You need to call me :)


Snr. Loan Processor

I started in processing mortgage loans back in 1997 for a San Diego based Commercial Real Estate Company and shortly thereafter moved to Residential Lending. Ten years on, (in 2007) I took a break from Loan processing for about a year, working instead as an Escrow officer. It didn’t take long to realize my heart was in the challenges and rewards of residential home loans and so I returned to processing. My skill and experience now enables me to work closely with underwriters, borrowers and Loan Originators to make the dream of homeownership come true for many. It’s rare to find someone who shares my passion for the mortgage industry, but in Charles Vamadeva I’ve been blessed to do so. He is as experienced a Loan Officer as anyone can possibly be, and it’s been my pleasure to have worked alongside him since 2004
I am a proud mom of 5, and enjoy VA home loans the most, as I have a son who is a Veteran and another who is Active duty. Helping veterans is one of the many ways I get to give back to our service men and women.


 Loan Officer Assistant

I joined Charles Vamadeva’s team in 2015, after 17 years’ prior experience in Customer service and People management. My past spell as part of the management team at Pechanga Casino & Resort for 10+ years has prepared me well for my position as Charles’ Loan Assistant. Our mission here at Premiere Capital Mortgage is all about making it as smooth as possible for people to achieve their dream of homeownership and it’s an honor for me to be an integral part of that operation. Having known Charles over 12 years I have seen first hand how seriously he takes his business and how passionate he is about “making it happen” for his Clients.  I have adopted this same mentality and am honored to be a part of his operation. My ability to speak Spanish fluently has added a much-needed facet to his business and I look forward to servicing his Clients and Referral Partners.


Associate Loan Officer

I can remember back to 1988 when I received my first real estate training and was inspired by the fact that real estate impacts so many people in such a huge way. I knew that this industry was always going to be a part of my life somehow. After 25 plus years have passed, I still see real estate as one of the most rewarding industries one can be a part of. How many times can one say that they had a part of one of the biggest decisions in someone’s life? I have been fortunate enough to be a part of many life changing decisions and call it a blessing to be able to have helped so many people in some of the biggest decisions they have ever made. My vast experience in sales, marketing, leadership, management, training, and mentoring have all brought me into a position to help as many people as I possibly can.

I want to help you achieve your goals of home ownership. I have bought, sold, invested, and lost in real Estate and know how rewarding real estate can be as well as know the dangers to watch out for. I believe that I have a unique perspective to realize the highs of ownership, but also bring an element of safety to the real estate buying decision. I am always available to discuss your individual needs, concerns, and aspirations. Purchasing a home can be one of your largest investments and finding the right professionals to work with is the key to success. Borrowers should seek a lender who takes the time to listen, is easily accessible, and overall has a genuine concern for each customer’s unique situation. The mortgage transaction should never be approached with a cookie cutter mentality. I will always provide you with several alternatives that contain sound choices resulting in a mortgage program that is the right fit for you and your family. I am passionate about educating members so that they are aware of all of their options and understand what products best fit their needs. I strive to make the borrowing process as stress-free as possible and find my position deeply rewarding with every satisfied new partner I work with. Let’s get you started and we’ll move you perfectly into position for your next level of success.


Loan Officer, NMLS# 315066 TEL (909) 472 8259

I started working in the mortgage industry back in 1998 after 28 years serving our country in the US Army ( I achieved the rank of E8 1stSergeant when I separated from service). In 1983 I had the privilege of using my VA Loan benefit to buy my first home and it’s always brought great satisfaction for me over the years to help fellow Veterans become homeowners in the same way. VA Loans come with lots of nuances and challenges and many Active Duty and Retired Vets don’t always understand the in’s and out’s of VA financing. I am here to help. Regardless of whether you are a Veteran or not, and no matter what your home buying or refinancing goals are, it’s my goal to ensure the home loan process is as smooth and worry-free as possible.  With my vast experience and range of products, I can offer you the not only the most competitive price but also personalized service. I welcome your phone call, email or personal visit to my office and promise to give you the undivided attention and priority your loan deserves.

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