5 Useful Tips before Conducting an Open House

In selling investment properties, such as houses, believe me, first impressions do last. It is something that is a hit or a miss. If you hit it, then good for you. If you miss it, the problem is most probably coming from your end. That is why, as a seller, you have to do the things those successful home sellers have done and have been doing all these years.

Below are 5 useful tips home prior to conducting a public open house.

Tip Number 1. De-cluttering is everything

One thing that buyers look when they search for houses or any real estate property is its features. Thus, if the house you are selling has too many furniture, whether they’re still functional, your buyer might not be able to figure out the real features or the beauty of such house or residential property. Begin de-cluttering to avoid clients being disappointed.

Tip Number 2. Remove Your Personal Items

It is to be recalled that you are giving up the ownership to the people who will going purchase it. Therefore, leaving personal items is not advisable for you as a seller. At the same time, buyers do like to visualize something as if it’s their own, right? That’s why, as much as possible, make the property you are selling as light and as clear as possible.

Tip 3. Spread The Event As Much As Possible

As you plan to conduct an open house, you have to make sure that the event that you are going to conduct is listed on major real estate portals, Craigslist and in multiple listing services. Utilize the power of flyers to spreading the event that’s going to happen. Also, do not forget the power that social media, such as Facebook. Instagram and Twitter provide. By publicly sharing the event, you get to maximize your presence with less costs.

Tip 4. Provide Exact Information and Be Unique

As a seller, it is imperative that you are able to provide the correct information for your potential clients. Moreover, include brochures and flyers with clear photos of the house you are selling, comparable and comprehensive home sale information as well as school and community information in general. Remember, this is just one of the many houses that they will going to walk through. Better be unforgettable. You do not want your homebuyers leaving your properties empty-handed, do you?

Tip 5. Value Client Feedback

One of the things that’s vital to all home sellers is hearing feedback with regards to prices and features from its clients. If most of them think that your property is overpriced, it maybe is. How do you do that? You just have to curate the contact information from these people and let your agent contact them regarding their thoughts with the property.

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